My Hat Feeds People

November 23, 2014

Thanksgiving Day is coming up, and as we gather with our friends and family to share a meal together, I can’t help but think of people that don’t have anything to eat. The issue of hunger, locally and globally, hits home with me. I used to serve as the director for an outreach program at a local Non-Profit, that would assist families in need by providing food and groceries to them. It was there that my heart was captured towards helping people. At times, I still find myself giving away my lunch when I see a homeless person on my way back to work.

I understand not all of us have the time to volunteer at soup kitchens or visit a local food bank. So, what else can we do when time is limited? You can support companies that give back, like Half United.

I discovered that Half United (HU) not only makes really cool accessories (they use bullet casings for jewelry), but gives back half of its profits to feed people in the US and around the world. They carry a similar ethos to brands such as TOMS. As a matter of fact, the two have partnered up.

So why is it that I’m telling you this? Well, I love companies that create things well, and do it by giving back, and giving back in an area that I’m passionate about - food. Half United has done that, and that’s why I’m proud to rock my hat.

The Mrs. is also a fan of  Half United:

 The Mrs. in her Giving Back Is The New Black T-Shirt.

 9mm Luger earrings

 Seed, Wishbone, and a 22mm repurposed casing.

45mm Winchester bullet casing - 
representing my fight against hunger.