Menotti's Coffee Stop

December 3, 2014

There are few coffee shops...I mean to say, coffee stops, like Menotti's in Venice. Located between the boardwalk and Windward Circle, the small coffee stop serves some of the best drinks, poured by knowledgable and friendly baristas.

The culture at Menotti's is no doubt set by head barista, NicelyAll things coffee are his expertise, and you can tell just by talking with him, that he’s passionate about what he does. He’s knowledgeable and personable - striking up conversations and making you feel at home while you wait for your drink. Nicely’s a three-time Coffee Fest World Latte Art Champion, so when you get your cappuccino you can’t help but Instagram it, #DailyCortado.  He’s become well known, not just in Venice, but all over LA - pouring cortados at places like Handsome Coffee Roasters (now Blue Bottle) and Intelligentsia, before helping launch Menotti’s a year ago. 

The name Menotti’s, comes from Ceasar Menotti who owned the building in the early 1900’s. He ran a grocery store with a speakeasy underneath that distributed alcohol as far as downtown. Boardwalk Empire, anyone? The place is rich in history and the coffee served is rich in flavor. 

When you enter the shop, you can’t miss the bright turquoise La Marzocco espresso machine that pulls perfect shots from Four Barrel beans. The day-to-day drink menu is simple: coffee, cappuccinos, cortados, and americanos. They also feature seasonal drinks like an EggNog Latte or Chai Apple Cider. If you don’t see something you want, just ask and they’ll be happy to make it for you.  

Menotti’s fits in perfectly with the culture and atmosphere in Venice. It’s one of a kind, unique, and personal. It’s a place for great coffee, poured by artisans and enjoyed by locals. Then again, it could be fronting for a speakeasy.

56 Windward Ave, Venice, CA 90291

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