Big Changes at Freddy Smalls

May 5, 2015

Change, some people don't like it at all. It's very apparent on Yelp in regards to the menu change at Freddy Smalls. It's not that people aren't receptive of the new dishes by Executive Chef Evan Colter (The Hart & The Hunter, Church & State), it's that they realize some old familiar dishes will no longer be there. Unfortunately, this focus on looking back at the rear view mirror will prevent them from enjoying what's in front - great Italian influenced dishes!

Let me settle this here, the new menu is good. The food is thoughtfully executed and the drinks are well crafted. Gaby Mlynarczyk (Cadet) has created a brilliant cocktail menu. The Stinger: scotch, branca menthe, crème de cacao, mint and vanilla, is a standout. The Michelada made with mezcal, St. Germaine, honey, lemon, hot peppers and a double ipa float is a great version of this drink. 

If you visit Freddy Smalls, don't miss out on the drinks and starters. The clams casino with breadcrumbs and pancetta, are addictively delicious; there's no question you need to order this. The meatballs are flavorful and the tomato sauce that covers them has the perfect acidity and taste to it. It's too bad that you only get two. The fried brussels sprouts served with smoked goat cheese and apple cider glaze are quite possibly some of the best on the Westside. 

If you feel like having a good sandwich, the Porchetta Hero with pork belly and provolone has got you covered. Add a side of those fingerling potatoes seasoned with rosemary, garlic and thyme and you're set. For pasta, the orechiette rabe with housemade sausage and broccoli rabe is a great dish to order. They just started serving brunch on weekends and you can find dishes like Eggplant and Avocado Toast, Cast Iron Fritatta, and Brioche French Toast paired with unique brunch drinks. 

I like this new Freddy Smalls. The food, drinks, and that speakeasy atmosphere that it has, are reasons to return. For a midweek night, it was loud and busy, so obviously there's a big fan base - perhaps new or maybe even converts from the old Freddys. Either way, we were all enjoying the new menu. 

The Stinger: scotch, branca menthe, crème de cacao, mint, vanilla.
Fried Brussels Sprouts with smoked goat cheese and apple cider glaze.

Orechiette Rabe: housemade sausage, broccoli rabe and chili flake. 

Linguine vongole: littleneck clams, breadcrumbs and parmesan.
Porchetta Hero: pork belly, aged provolone, red onion marmelatta and a side of smoked fingerling potatoes.
Negroni Sour: gin, campari, sweet vermouth, grapefruit, lime, campari dust.

Michelada: mezcal, St. Germaine, honey, lemon, hot peppers, double ipa float. 

11520 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064

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