It's Always a Good Time for Breakfast

July 18, 2015

I've been asked many times before what my favorite place is to eat. That's too hard to answer. It's like asking what's your favorite movie ever? Well, that depends if I'm in the mood for a drama, comedy, some good ol' action...I can't just pick one. How can I pick between the Godfather, Rocky, Star Wars, and the Dark Knight? I just can't. Even though I can't say what my favorite place is, I know that I frequent two categories: 1) Burgers and 2) breakfast. 

I love breakfast! I always have, and I always will. There's something about eggs and sugary carbs with my all-time favorite beverage, coffee. I've been known to have breakfast for dinner on a few nights with the Mrs. and Little Dude at home. Breakfast food is comforting and it sets up your day. Sadly, during the week, my schedule is too busy to really take advantage of making a proper breakfast at home, but when I have time, I make sure it's done right.

 Here's how to make your breakfast, better. 
Check out 8 Ways to Make Breakfast Better
by Hungry In L A at Mode