We’re Real Cheese People®

September 11, 2018

In partnership with Sargento

Remember when you were a kid and summer break felt like forever? Today as a parent, it doesn’t seem long enough, does it? I can’t believe back-to-school season is already here and with it comes all the fun and exciting things like buying new school supplies, finding out who the teacher or teachers will be, signing up for events, and trying not to be THAT doting parent at the school play (I tend to bring all my camera equipment like I’m filming a documentary!) It’s a fun season, school, parenting, all of it - especially seeing it through the eyes of my son.

And one of the most fun parts for me, is seeing his tastes for food evolve each year. And even though we’ve gone from being a picky eater to venturing out and trying new foods, one thing remains the same, his love for Sargento® cheese! Now I know, this is probably the part where you say, “Yeah, but this is a sponsored post,” and I get that. But the main reason I’m partneringwith Sargento is because we genuinely love this cheese and have been buying it for years - yes, long before I even started this blog over a decade ago! That’s because We’re Real Cheese People® and Sargento is real cheese that tastes so good!

As a parent, (and a food blogger), it makes me nervous that I can’t control all the factors of my son’s life while he’s at school. But when he comes home, I know that I can set up an environment that promotes fun and a healthy diet with his favorite snack, Sargento® cheese! He loves the taste of it! And it’s one of the reasons we buy it, the other being that it’s real, natural cheese, not process cheese. As a foodie, I definitely appreciate that! But we’re not just chowing
down on slices of cheese, although that’s not to say we don’t do that either.

As you can probably tell from my Instagram, I love to cook burgers! One of the fun ways I get my son involved in the kitchen is by making sliders. I’ve learned that smaller, handheld foods make it more appealing to him at this age. So we pick up our groceries after school and come home to make “monster” sliders. No, they’re not big in size, they actually resemble little monsters! We use different ingredients to make the eyes and mouth, but in the end it’s just a great tasting cheeseburger made with our favorite, Sargento® Colby Cheese. I highly recommend the Colby, as it melts so perfectly well, resulting in the most delicious cheeseburger ever!

It’s moments like these with my son, when we’re just making food fun, easy, and delicious with the ingredients that he loves, that makes life as a parent so rewarding. And as someone who wants to make sure his kid is eating well and loving it at the same time, I know I can rely on Sargento® slices to deliver on taste while knowing that it’s natural cheese.. Trust me, you’ll want to make fun and inspiring foods with your kids using Sargento® cheese and you’ll be thankful for these moments.

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