Stir Market - LA's Newest Food Hall

February 27, 2015

I’m a fan of food halls! I love the energy and the sound of people moving around a large open space, shopping, ordering, eating, talking…it’s full of life. Any place with options and character is always on my radar. That’s why I was excited to visit LA’s newest boutique food hall, Stir Market

Located on Beverly blvd, just a short distance away from the Farmers Market and the Grove, Stir Market is a take on the classic European food hall experience. It’s not a giant space like Grand Central Market or the Anaheim Packing House, but that’s what makes it unique. There is a sense of community and locality that this contemporary European space exhibits.

The service for brunch is very casual. You order, take a number to your table, and someone brings out the food to you. During brunch the place is buzzing and people are enjoying custom made espresso drinks featuring Intelligentsia coffee to go with their cinnamon toast that is served with caramelized apple butter and sugar. I normally order black coffee, but that morning I ventured for an organic dark chocolate mocha that was perfectly balanced.

The meyer lemon pancakes with maple whipped creme fraiche are absolutely incredible and you should order them. The pancakes themselves are light, almost buttery, and just when you think they may be getting too rich, the lemon zest cuts it and makes every bite delicious and addicting. If you want to stop in for something lighter, try the steel cut oatmeal or perhaps the best avocado toast that’s seasoned with peperoncino, sea salt, and lemon zest. It really is one of the best versions of avo-toast I have ever had.

Stir Market does well in combining a variety of dining experiences with gourmet retail space. The casual environment for brunch is perfect for any weekend. I can’t wait to return for dinner in their bistro style setting. 

 Organic dark chocolate mocha

 After school cinnamon toast with caramelized apple butter

 California avocado toast

 Meyer lemon pancakes

 Moroccan baked eggs: merguez sausage, organic eggs, 
tomatoes, chickpeas, peppers, with grilled bread.

7475 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90036