Cadet: Westside's New Brunch Spot

July 2, 2015

Walk in to Cadet on a Saturday morning, and you would think that you're a few miles away instead of Wilshire Blvd in Santa Monica. The space is rustic-chic, if that's even a description. It reminds me of a place that would fit perfectly on Beverly Blvd or maybe even on Abbot Kinney. The old brick walls, wooden beams, and fireplace have that old Mid-City feel and character.

The new brunch menu is a reimagined take on rustic European dishes utilizing the wood burning fire that is an essential part of Cadet's food. The brunch drinks are some of the best around town. Order the Grasshopper, it tastes like mint chocolate chip ice cream and is a perfect drink for brunch.

You won't find waffles or the usual breakfast fare here. Instead, you'll find unique dishes like the Grains & Egg - farrow, wild rice, crisp quinoa, braised mustard greens, topped with a fried egg. Sweet tooth? Order a Dutch Pancake, served in a hot cast iron skillet and topped with berries, lemon, honey, and créme fraîche. Picture a mix between a crepe and a pancake - it's the perfect amount of sweet for  a weekend morning. 

The back patio is worth visiting. It's a picture perfect place to enjoy a drink and conversation with friends. The delicious food and attractive space make for a great Westside retreat for a weekend brunch. 

Right to left: Frais de Boise Royale - Créme defraise de Boise and Sparkling Rose.
Grasshopper - Créme de Menthe, Créme de Cacao, Cream and Vanilla 

Cream biscuits

Private outdoor patio behind the restaurant.

Croque Madame: Country Ham, Comté Cheese, Mornay Sauce and Egg.

Grains & Egg: Farro, Wild Rice Crisp Quinoa, Braised Mustard Greens Radish, Scallions and a Fried Egg.
Dutch Pancake with berries, lemon, honey, and créme fraîche.

 2518 Wilshire Boulevard 
Santa Monica, CA 90403

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