Sausal: El Segundo's Newest Hot Spot

November 22, 2015

I lived in the South Bay for many years and didn't venture out much on Main street in El Segundo. Sure, it's quiet, quaint, and feels classic and vintage, like a scene from the Wonder Years, but honestly, there weren't many restaurant options that made me want to get in my car and drive out there. I always thought of Main street as a place for locals, and if I lived in the neighborhood, you would probably find me there at El Segundo Brewing Company with a Hyperion's Stout in hand or at Wendy's Place on a lazy Saturday morning having pancakes. It seemed like a great place to live, but not necessarily a destination spot for a night out, that is until Sausal opened its doors a few weeks ago. 

The space is incredible. The wood beams on the ceiling and the brick walls with rustic and modern Spanish influences make you feel like you're somewhere else, maybe on vacation in a luxurious Cabo Villa. Vibrant Latin jazz and salsa set the mood of the restaurant - you're here to celebrate, eat, and have a great time. There's a cohesiveness to everything from the decor, music, and food. It all blends perfectly well together. 

The food is defined as "Nuevo Rancho Cuisine." Sausal is paying homage to the large farmstead that once encompassed El Segundo by bringing a type of cooking that is reflective of that. Think Spanish and Mexican influenced cuisine but with an emphasis on grilled and slow roasted meats. 

At the helm of the kitchen is Chef Anne Conness (Tin Roof & Simmzy's) who brings incredible talent and passion to these dishes. The Mussels served in a chili broth with chorizo and garlic is a dish that you will repeatedly go back and order. It's complex, savory, delicious and addicting. Small starters like the guacamole or the Salsa trinity are some of the best versions of chips & guac and chips & salsa that you'll ever have.

The Prime NY steak is cooked to perfection and served with a perfectly balanced chimichurri sauce. If you're in the mood for a comfort dish, the Red Mole Braised Lamb will be your dish this Fall. Pair it all with a side of Sweet Corn Elote with jack cheese and chipotle cream, and you're having a great dinner.

Let me say this, I rarely visit restaurants again so soon, but after having tried Sausal a couple days ago, I'm already planning on returning as soon as I can to try more. Yes, Sausal is that good and it may quickly become a regular spot for people looking to have delicious Mexican/Latin food with a California influence. 

Salsa Trinity: spicy red-brick arbor salsa, pleasingly sour green tomatillo cilantro salsa & spicy-sweet habanero yellow salsa.

Angry Mussels - house chorizo, garlic, chili broth, hominy with grilled sourdough.

Sweet Corn Elote with Jack cheese and chipotle cream. 

Prime NY Steak with chimichurri sauce and fancy pico. 
Red Mole Braised Lamb - served with hominy grits, pepitas, sautéed kale with currants and olives. 

219 Main St, El Segundo, CA 90245