There's A New Burger In Town At Petit Trois

June 9, 2015

I rarely just write a post about one item that I had at a restaurant. As a matter of fact, I don't think I've ever done that. That is why this one is special. I'm actually taking my own time to find the words to describe how amazing the burger I had this week was. 

As you can tell by my Instagram feed, I love a good burger. I enjoyed every day of National Burger Month! If I had a perfect comfort meal, it would probably consist of some fancy gastro-pubby burger with great ingredients. Well, lucky for me I just tried a fancy bistro-style burger at Petit Trois that really impressed me.

First off, if you haven't been to Petit Trois, it's the little brother of Trois Mec, and if you haven't heard of Trois Mec, please just open a new page and Google that for your own edification, you'll end up wanting to buy some tickets to eat there after you read about it. Anyway, Petit Trois is a very cool place that any local in LA should check out. 

For starters, it's in an old looking strip mall (if you can even call it that) occupying the space in what used to be a Thai restaurant. In fact, the sign "Tasty Thai" still hangs on the outside of the establishment. But once you enter through those doors you discover a small bistro with a marble counter where you pull up a bar stool and order. There are about 22 seats in all in this tiny space that plays French Hip-Hop in the background. There's a small section by the entrance for a bar, where you can order specialty made cocktails and your food is prepared right in front of you on the other side of the counter. 

What about the burger? Ah yes, the burger! Until a few weeks ago, Petit Trois did not have a burger on the menu. That is, until Chef Ludo Lefebvre was inspired by the burger at Au Cheval in Chicago, only he made his more French. Think caramelized onions that taste like French Onion Soup, and a wine bordelaise sauce made with foie gras. It almost looks like a burger inspired by a French dip because of the dark colored sauce dripping from it. The beef is coarsely ground and delicious, almost like pieces of a prime steak. The burger is topped with American cheese and a garlic aioli that seems to play on the "special sauce" (Thousand Island) from common burgers. It comes in a single 4 ounce patty - the Petit Mec, or a double, the Big Mec. 

When I visited Petit Trois, I was just passing by in the neighborhood so I wasn't really hungry, but once I took a bite from that cheeseburger, I was hooked. I'll definitely be returning with an appetite for the Big Mec.

718 Highland Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038

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