The Right Glass for the Right Drink

June 21, 2015

On my most recent coffee trip to Menotti's, I couldn't help notice that Nicely, the barista, was pouring my cortado in an eye-catching silver cup that was the perfect size for my caffeinated drink. When I ordered a Gibraltar on a previous occasion, that drink, although similar in volume, was poured in a clear small glass. Why the different cups? Why not pour them all in one uniformed paper cup? I really appreciated the detail in variation. 

I never really stopped to think about why we drink coffee out of ceramic mugs, or martinis out of coned shaped glasses with stems. It's not just form, but also function behind this, or else we all would still be drinking everything out of a Solo Red Cup like in college. Well, some of us probably still do. To the rest of us,  here is a look at why you drink out of those specialty glasses.

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by Hungry In L A at Mode