Pistola: Leave The Gun, Take The Bucatini

August 5, 2015

There are few places in LA that feel like you're in a classic New York restaurant, and that makes sense; because it's Los Angeles. We have reclaimed wood lining the walls, communal tables that sit high so you feel like you're at a bar and we're a bit more casual and laid back. But every now-and-then we want an upscale and classic experience that's still innovative, something that feels like an iconic Italian restaurant set in the 1950's - and that's Pistola.

White table clothes and black leather chairs line the restaurant where the only color visible is from the red sconces lining the walls. The black and white room feels like a modern day Mad Men scene, and you can picture Don Draper sitting at the white marble bar drinking an old fashioned. There's no doubt, Pistola has a great atmosphere. 

Chef Vic Casanova, who is also the man behind Gusto, has created the ultimate Italian steakhouse menu. Prime dry-aged steaks highlight the menu. The 30oz Tomahawk steak is perfectly charred with a nice smokey crust on the outside - it's a steak-lover's dream. If that seems too ambitious, they also offer other popular cuts like a NY strip or 6oz tenderloin.

The pasta to try is the Bucatini alla Carbonara. I've had a few versions of this dish around town, and I can say this one stands out. The server brings it to you with an egg yolk on top and tosses the pasta table side. What you get is a silky smooth, and satisfying pasta dish that tastes rich and light at the same time. It's not heavy or overly sauced like you sometimes get with a carbonara. This is an authentic representation with its simple ingredients that when combined together create a luxurious pasta.

Pistola is also a great place to meet up for drinks and small plates with appetizers like Meatballs with Sunday Gravy or Charred Mediteranean Octopus. The "Ryse Guy" made with rye, Amaro Montenegro, vermouth, and toasted pecan bitters is an excellent drink to order. But you'll want to stay for the steak and pasta, trust me, it's something you can't refuse. 

Meatballs with Sunday Gravy. 
Charred Mediterranean Octopus: Braised Escarole, 
White Bean Passato & Lemon Agrumato 
Bucatini alla Carbonara: Guanciale, Onion, Black Pepper, Egg Yolk & Pecorino 

30oz Dry Aged Tomahawk 

The Ryes Guy: J.P. Wisers Rye, Amaro Montenegro, 
Cocchi Di Torino, Toasted Peacan Bitters. 

8022 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90048

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